Welcome! This is the page for music for the first circle of Dante's rendition of hell!
Below is the description of my piece and how it relates to the poem. Below that is the music itself.

My piece starts off with an ominous and foreboding tone. The low melody represents the feeling of standing at the “Ledge of the abyss” where Limbo sits (Alighieri 4.24). The higher part that plays alongside the melody adds to the eeriness of the piece, causing it to become abnormal and spooky. I use these attributes to represent the abnormal, pitch black sky and dark nature of hell as a whole. The piece changes into a more lighthearted tone and a faster tempo. This change mimics the change Dante experiences when he encounters the “Four mighty presences” of Homer, Horace, Ovid, and Lucan (Alighieri 4.83). These people cause dante to feel stronger and more welcomed in hell. The piece’s higher melody and faster tempo resemble this by creating a more exciting and lighter experience for the listener. Also, the second half creates more welcoming and familiar sounds because it changes from the less common key of C to the more common key of Ab.