Welcome! This is the page for music for the Ross circle of Hell 2.0!
Below is the description of my piece and how it relates to the circle. Below that is the music itself.

The first half of my song consists of a melody changing from high to low every phrase on top of a low, repeating tone resembling a heartbeat. The lower part represents the sinner and the highpart represents his partner. The melody tells the life of the sinners in the Ross circle of hell. The sinners go through life in an inconsistent manner, choosing to satisfy their desires instead of staying true to one path. Halfway through the piece, the melody and heartbeat stops because the sinner has his heart ripped out, bringing him back to the reality of life in hell. When the music starts up again, the sinner loses hope of living in his desires and submits to the single melody playing, the punishment. The melody also sits in the middle of the melody from the first half, representing both the sinner and his partner accepting their punishment. The piece ends with his heart stopping, representing the constant removal of his heart