Welcome! This is the page for music for the Fifth circle of Dante's rendition of hell!
Below is the description of my piece and how it relates to the poem. Below that is the music itself.

Circle five consists of people either in a ditch or in a water-hole. The people in the ditch "[thumping] at one another," and the people in the water-hole "boiling as if in pain," (Alighieri 7.112, 118). My piece reflects this by starting with the melody of one sinner. Another sinner's melody begins on top of the first one to represent the fights that take place in the ditches. A third sinner's melody gets placed between the first two to show the cacophony the boiling sinners add to the scene. When Phlegyas appears, he "[blows his rage among / those muddy marshes," causing the music to shift its attention to him(Alighieri 8.23-24). Phlegyas's rage unifies the three melodies into one. After his melody ends, the beginning repeats, representing the repetitive nature of hell.